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The Rise of the laser pod

Laser Projection has significantly increased the demand for, and utility of, boothless construction. It makes clear sense when taking into account real estate space, construction costs, and design constraints (such as configuration, weight, or space).

NS Industries, an industry leading engineering firm, specialized in payload systems and custom machinery for the super yacht sector, is the first true engineering firm to develop boothless cinemas systems consisting of state-of-the-art lifting mechanisms, coupled with universal, pressurized (ventilated), sound proof Laser Pods.

Boothless Cinema integration has been challenging thus far because attempted solutions were being built by the wrong premise; attempting to influence everything from installation through to access.

RISE is the first boothless cinema company to replace projection rooms Laser Pods, needing only to lower a platform with the projection equipment.

Our automated lift system, needs only the turn of a key and push of a button to have full access to the projection equipment at ground level (without tools). This facilitates access for service, while also reducing the number of steps and functions required for operation.

We offer the entire system as a KIT, with simple instructions for integration and install. Our boothless cinema kits were engineered to fully streamline construction, operations and service. 

Safe and Reliable

Engineered for highest safety rating, precisision travel, and platform stability.

Easy equipment access

Unencumbered access at ground level.

Universal Laser Pod

Adjustable kit with various ventilation options for digital/laser projection.

Automated controls

Key and switch to lower equipment platform. No tools necessary.

adaptable design

Exhibitors can maintain a luxurious world-class look.

Simple implementation

Adjustable Kit for easy installation in tight spaces or with tight deadlines.

WORLDWIDE service & Installation

Santa Monica — Chicago — Washington DC — London — Beirut — Virginia — San diego

Modular cinema construction:

easy-to-install kits for multiplex

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