The rise and RISE of Boothless Cinema

RISE Boothless Cinema Solutions (formerly known as DPS Lifts) has initiated a rebranding strategy in order to showcase its latest line of boothless cinema systems [kits] consisting of a variety of cinema lift and laser pod configurations to service all auditoria regardless of ceiling height, and all projectors regardless of size, type or weight.

The DPS Lift was originally created as a stand-alone universal system for digital projection. Engineered by Nautical Structures Industries, DPS has the most, and longest running, number of boothless cinema lift systems in the world. DPS also has the highest load rating and safety rating of any system in the market (2:1 load safety rating).

Based in Largo, Florida, NSI has a strong reputation for innovating unique solutions for lifting and payload displacement technologies within the Super Yacht Sector (one of few companies to offer Lloyds- approved SOLAS certifications for its cranes, additional certifications available for unique products). Their vast engineering expertise and broad manufacturing capabilities have brought them into other highly technical sectors. 

Due to high demand and need for a proper boothless cinema solution, NSI hired RISE as the licensed global distributor for the cinema machinery division.

Five years ago a client (ACS Enterprises) commissioned us to engineer and build a universal boothless cinema solution. After developing and installing 42 of the original DPS Lifts across the country, the client strongly encouraged us to bring it to market. 

Says Roberto Guerrero, Founder of RISE and Business Development partner with NSI.

Now we have installations in the UK and the Middle East, and are developing relationships with some of the largest exhibitors/distributors in the world.. 

RISE was created to satisfy the need for various state-of-the-art boothless cinema systems. Now offering (3) different sized lifts with (4) different laser/digital projection pods, our systems are ideal for EVERY project.

All machines are universal and infield adjustable.

Easy to install, easy to maintain. Redundantly safe, and incredibly reliable.

It is very exciting and rewarding, primarily because we are changing the industry’s perception on implementing boothless technology. Once clients see how easy it is to install and operate our systems, building boothless will become the standard and not the exception.”

Founder of RISE

Roberto Guerrero